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The successful Pacheco Canyon prescribed burn is another piece of the puzzle that members of the coalition are fitting together to make communities more adapted to wildfire.

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Steering Committee, Geographic Area Coordinating Groups, Training Representatives and Coordination Centers work together in the priority placement of mentees with qualified FBANs and LTANs.

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Alarms Unless the cause of an explosion is known to be accidental, fire fighters at the scene should always consider the possibility that an explosive device was detonated.

The source area for these VRAs is upstream in the watersheds.

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By itself, propane is odorless, so leaks of pure propane cannot be detected by the human sense of smell.

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Virtual Wildfire Experience Can Assist with Wildfire Planning.

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IC a current situation status report that includes tactical priorities, action plans, hazardous or potentially hazardous conditions, accomplishments, assessment of effectiveness of operations, current status of resources, and additional resource requirements.

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This course is geared toward those who are new to the firefighting environment. California State Fire Marshal, State Fire Training suppression and basic leadership courses, including sand table based Tactical Decision Games.

Sign up with perceived as well as a positive impacts from a combination officers. Human impacts have been greatest in the lower elevation ponderosa pine forests, where the fire regime has changed from a series of frequent lowseverity fires to one where fire is absent.

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Type IV construction: Buildings constructed with noncombustible or limited combustible exterior walls, and interior walls and floors made of large dimension combustible materials.


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Players will decide how to apply the Standard Firefighting Orders, deploy resources, and consider other values at risk on a wildland fire use assignment.

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Forest in wildland fire scenarios are tucked in wildland fire sand table scenarios? If you have an unquenchable thirst for learning, we offer programs and information that you may either explore independently or share with a group.

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To map the relative number of beneficiaries of postfire flood risk mitigation in each drainage, downstream flood hazard areasthat are developedre mapped and related back to the watersheds that would produce the flood.

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Burn severity and vegetation recovery following wildland fires.

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In most urban areas, the water supply will come from municipal hydrants.

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Figure This beneficiary indexis an index of the acre feet water right downstream from each watershed.

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Above Students use sand tables to visualize initial attack scenarios and learn. Connect the power cord or junction box to the generator, connect a load such as a fan or lights, and make sure the generator attains the proper speed.

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