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No VPN instance is associated with SIP.

You can use the Find controls in order to filter the certificate.

Based on HTTP and SMTP messages. Arthur Blank JonesIf the copy contains a Route header field, the proxy MUST inspect the URI in its first value.

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The SIP elements, that is, user agent clients and servers, stateless and stateful proxies and registrars, contain a core that distinguishes them from each other.

When users move between devices, it may be difficult to transport private keys securely between UAs; how such keys might be acquired by a device is outside the scope of this document.

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If the certificate is invalid, revoked, or if it does not identify the appropriate party, the UA MUST NOT send the REGISTER message and otherwise proceed with the registration.

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SIP is dispersed across multiple RFCs.
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These demarcation features are critical to the maintenance, security, and management of your network.

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