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First, the combination of the opening of Chinese ports to regular trade and the annexation of California, creating an American port on the Pacific, ensured that there would be a steady stream of maritime traffic between North America and Asia.

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As Donker Curtius knew nothing of the plans of Perry and the true reasons for this postponement, he accepted the Japanese proposal without protesting or even asking for an explanation.

Soviet Union offered Japan the two smaller islands of Shikotan and the Habomai Islands in exchange for Japan renouncing all claims to the two bigger islands of Iturup and Kunashir, but Japan refused the offer after pressure from the US.

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Matsumae to the Cape Lopatka under the possession of the Russian state by erecting symbols of the state and burying medallions in the ground in appropriate places with inscriptions in Russian and Latin, to announce his trip and the possession.

The islands are geopolitically important to Russia and represent a strategic gateway to East Asia that complements its port in Vladivostok.

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Besides, it would be very difficult to find ships for the Japanese government. These pictures are real and reliable. Russian tourists occasionally visit the graves to pay their respects. Onsen around shimoda. Moscow as he always be the treaty?

The treaty was the first modern treaty Japan negotiated with a western nation.

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