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Where alternative delivery initiatives are being undertaken, departments or organizations shall provide written notice to all employees offered employment by the new employer, giving them the opportunity to choose whether they wish to accept the offer.

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Deputy heads will be expected to provide a guarantee of a reasonable job offer for those affected employees for whom they know or can predict employment availability.

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The Central Government may, at any stage during settlement of claims, if considers necessary, refer the matter to the Tribunal for necessary orders.

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In addition to the above CSR efforts, the Company sponsors various philanthropic activities through various trusts that have been supporting several activities in the areas of children education and healthcare, apart from relief measures in national calamities.

The Employer and the Institute shall, by mutual agreement, determine the area of jurisdiction of each steward, having regard to the plan of organization and the distribution of employees.

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Notices or other material shall require the prior approval of the Employer, except notices relating to the business affairs of the Institute, including the names of the Institute representatives, and social and recreational events.

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The management board shall report related developments to and shall discuss the internal risk management and control systems with the supervisory board and the audit committee.

Appellate Authority consisting of a chairperson and not more then two other members, to be appointed by the Central Government, for hearing appeals arising out of the orders of the National Financial Reporting Authority.

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