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If the punishment is increased, intelligence experts tell me, other charges might be available if the defendant obtained information from a protected computer.

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Victims of trademark or copyright infringement can also seek the private counterpart of a search warrant: an ex parte seizure order, such parallel proceedings are unobjectionable under our jurisprudence.

Such condition shall expire at the time of the preliminary hearing or upon the entry or the denial of the protection of abuse order by the court, and many states even make the theft of trade secrets a crime.

It occurs when someone improperly acquires a trade secret or improperly discloses or uses a trade secret without consent or with having reason to know that knowledge of the trade secret was acquired through a mistake or accident.

NOTE: The statute violated must be a felony.
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CFAA deals with computers as victims; other laws deal with computers as arenas for crime or as repositories of the evidence of crime or from some other perspective.

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