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It's a lie it degrades your parental trustworthiness it encourages credulity it does not encourage imagination and it's equivalent to bribing your kids for good behavior writes David Kyle Johnson a philosophy professor at King's College in Psychology Today.

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Letters to Santa should be sent soon to ensure a response before. Be sure to include Santa Claus North Pole as the return address on the. The return envelope also bears the traditional North Pole Alaska official US postmark cancellation stamp But not only do the children get a.

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Jeff Howe honorary king of North Pole in 201 reads a letter from a. Please share opinions expressed in letter from the official north pole! There are twelve different choices of these santa claus north pole and four different templates over the usps official letter or you can! How old is Ms Claus?

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Adults should not lie to children about Santa When a child asks the question as to whether Santa is real or not they're already at a developmental stage to distinguish between reality and fictional characters.

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We are the exclusive official partners of Santa Claus for the ordering packaging and delivery of all reply letters sent from Santa's workshop in The North Pole to.

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