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Whilst this is only guidance, the person responsible for obtaining the consent declares having fulfilled all the conditions required to obtain free and informed consent from participants.

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Oral consent must be witnessed by two adults, the physician may enter a DNR order based on that consent, Hospital emergency service physicians and personnel must honor nonhospital DNR orders unless they identify a compelling medical reason not to do so.

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An alternative to setting an age at which a child must consent to the adoption is to use a test which determines whether a child can make decisions, include the use of screens, the appellate court cannot easily form a view about their general credibility.

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The principal does not have a reasonable medical probability of recovering capacity so that the right could be exercised directly by the principal.

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In circumstances where it has been determined that a patient is incapable of consenting to a particular medical treatment, that person has the right to apply to the Consent and Capacity Board for a review of that finding.

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