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The most likely way for someone to spy on your system is with a Remote Desktop program These programs such as PC Anywhere Windows Remote Desktop Connection RDC and Apple Remote Desktop allow users to view another computer's screen on their desktop.

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Go back to the Users tab You'll see your own session any other sessions Select the other user's session and right-click then choose Disconnect or Logoff or you can select the session and use the buttons at the bottom to do either of these.

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Remote desktop will run even in task manager reporting information about. Helps you monitor and manage the usage of host resources by remote users. If your consent prior to remotely log off terminal session reconnection successful. The server with a slow connection and.

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After the MMC connects to the remote computer you'll see a list of users logged on to the machine and which session they're each using RDP.

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Some organizations are starting to look towards migrating to Windows Virtual Desktop in Microsoft Azure as their end user computing platform.

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Malicious actors are constantly developing more and more creative ways to access private data and secure information that they can use as leverage for ransom payments.

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