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While useful for understanding populationlevel changes, supplemental monitoring is needed to understand habitat use, spatiotemporal distributions, and population dynamics of waterfowl during the nonbreeding season at flyway, state, and local levels.

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Amendment etched in letters six feet high along the base Photo by. For a detailed discussion of the proposed changes to the regulations and the GAO Report see the NPRM.

Results Our results demonstrate that lakes with islands attract more than twice as many anserine geese than lakes without islands, but make little difference to Egyptian geese.

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While it is true that entry information transmitted to CBP by a customs broker is exempt from disclosure, it is equally true that manifest information filed by carriers is routinely accessed under the Freedom of Information Act by various commercial enterprises.

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The Ornithological Council strongly encourages field biologists to serve on these committees, which are intended to allow scientific research to be assessed through a peer review system.

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Deer & Waterfowl Forecast Virginia DWR Virginiagov. Our aim was to help meet continental banding goals for scaup and facilitate winter population estimates using markrecapture methodology.

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The Forest Service and the MDNR considered the current and proposed supply and demand for hunting and snowmobiling opportunities in Michigan with the intent, where feasible, to reduce duplication of recreationopportunities in meeting recreation demands.

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