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Form oil or other oils shall not be used.

WSDOT employees that work around or with nuclear gauges need to know the potential health and safety hazards of working with nuclear gauges and their individual rights.

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The aggregate in the stockpile must be of UNIFORM quality and gradation. For example, the requirements would not apply to shipments of Portland cement, asphalt cement, or aggregates, as industry suppliers and contractors use these materials to replenish existing inventories.

Reject broken or loose balls due to the potential for damage to the roots. Force accounts and calculated quantities are already taking actual costs into account for overruns. If a claim, lawsuit, or other circumstance is found to be pending at the end of this three year period, the Region should further retain those pertinent records until the issues have been resolved.

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Please include your Application Fee Number in any correspondence. When changes or additions are determined necessary by the Project Engineer, consideration must be given to the type of pipe being furnished to the project.

Weekly Statements of Working Days continue until Substantial Completion. The intent of the management is to protect the structures from excessive pavement weight, and minimize the risk of equipment loads and planer damage.

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Project Engineer may utilize the high end of the estimating range in justification.

In such cases, test cylinders from each pour are taken and tested bythe Contractor to determine the early break strength.

Business Licenses

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Retain label and certifications during each placement pay period showing analysis for Contract records.

Hereinafter Purchasing Manual and other applicable ordinances and. You must not certify a copy if the copy contains an alteration that is not present on the original document as produced by the issuing authority.

Alternatively, Owner will deliver to Contractor a written statement that Final Completion has been reached because no punch list items remain to be completed.

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Within the WAC requirements, it may be necessary for the Contractor to do engineering. Remember that the value of material quality testing is dependent on exact parallel tests of identical splits from representative samples.

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The heating and drying of the aggregate must be UNIFORM.

In the event SUBCONTRACTOR is entitled to an extension of time, the SUBCONTRACTOR shall under no circumstance be entitled to any additional compensation, consideration, payment, expense, cost or damage associated with the extension of time.

Lower the tremie until the plug rests on the bottom, then fill the tremie pipe with concrete. To help ensure accuracy of this information requires that the Contractor or field representative record each change as it is completed.

Approval of materials is not required.

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The Engineer should be cautioned that hard floating of the concrete surface with aluminum floats may cause a chemical reaction between the aluminum and the fresh concrete which could decrease the strength of the concrete at the surface of the concrete. Independent contractors the project engineer or use photos make its sureties shall observe and sincerely declare that sworn statement? WSDOT personnel on all WSDOT contracts and contains duties and activities by persons other than the project staff, but all of which are related to construction contracts and affect the Project Engineer to one degree or another.


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The Contractor submits the request to the State Construction Office via the Project Office.

To meet the AKART requirement the ESC Lead must select, install, maintain, and adaptively manage BMPs as required to ensure continued functional performance throughout construction.

When not in use, the source index handle will be locked and the nuclear density gauge locked in an adequate storage facility.

This is less objectionable than losing rock on long sections in between, due to insufficient emulsified asphalt being placed.

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Frequency is how often the impacts are applied and is normally stated in cycles per second.

The specific nature and extent of contract administration varies from contract tocontract.

Fhwa when approved change section notes, start and fully completed. If a dirt film has accumulated on the steel during the erection period this must be removed by flushing. Written notification of approval by the railroad company will be furnished to the Project Engineer by the Accounting and Financial Services Division as soon as approval is obtained.

As a way to limits costs, it is recommended to have the engineering done by the person or party who may complete it most efficiently.

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  • The design and vent elevations are noted in the plans.
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  • Soldiers emails are in this format: john.
  • An accurate recording thermometer is required.

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Jacking load applied continuously until released by oath in making a sworn statement contractor proposes to other items would otherwise noted by formulating and apply

Aransversejointsmore must be caulked to prevent patching material entering the joint.

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If a separate group will be used to track settlement payments, request the new group and provide a copy of the letter.

Contact the Design Project Office if there are any questions regarding the placement location or type of new runs of guardrail.

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Currently, WSDOT is only performing CSL tests for verification.

Business Worthiness Are there any pending bankruptcies, unsatisfied judgements, lawsuits or liens against a business you previously qualified, which were filed during your period of qualification or the business you are applying to qualify?

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