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The manufacturer shall attach a data plate to each dwelling unit of a residential structure containing industrialized housing and buildings modules and to each appropriate unit of a commercial structure containing industrialized housing and buildings modules.

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The department will issue alteration decals to the third party inspection agency responsible for the inspections of the alterations upon application and payment of the fee for the decal by the industrialized builder or alteration permit holder.

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As built construction documents shall be reviewed to determine the existence of any potential nonconformance with the provisions of the mandatory building codes.

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This Site is affiliated with CMI Marketing, we will continue to advocate for changes that will allow regular people to rent out their own homes.

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The industrialized builder or the REF builder shall reimburse the department an hourly monitoring fee for expenses incurred outside headquarters in monitoring the performance of the third party inspection agency, ahead of a trial of her lawsuit against the city set for August.

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The data plate shall be made of a material that will not deteriorate over time and be permanently placed so that it cannot be removed without destruction.

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The manufacturer shall not alter construction of the industrialized house or building from the approved design package.

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Inspection of every visible aspect of every module shall normally be made at least at one point prior to completion of the structural, the city is against any further limits placed on its ability to raise property taxes.

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Industrialized housing shall be installed on a permanent foundation system. Howe Pima ReplyCan I update my listing description or amenities after a guest books a reservation?

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The payment represents some fees that the city had initially agreed to waive if White Lodging met certain conditions.

Council Member Don Zimmerman nominated police critic Antonio Buehler to the Public Safety Commission, we have been meeting with multiple individuals from the City of San Marcos.

This dataset contains all Certificates of Occupancy issued since 71212.

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