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Investor math is pretty tough on sellers, far more so than most sellers or real estate agents realize.

Provide an explanation for your offer. If flaws are found not mentioned in the listing description, negotiate for a lower price.

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Roofing: When it comes to the roof, problems can range from missing shingles to major leaks, which may require a full roof replacement.

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If a house is overpriced, the broker risks having to wait a year to get that price, or losing the listing altogether. Handing Your House Back to the Bank: Better Than Foreclosure?

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We Viewed One Lot; Bought Another: Who Is At Fault?

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Want to buy a home with potential to extend? In this particular situation, you may really want to avoid replacing the HVAC system. Every pricing estimates on price after spelling out what can also want both ends up with tracking number of your original purchase!

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Since raw land is much more difficult to evaluate than an existing home, you will need more time.

What makes the experience different from say, ebay, is that the interactions are a lot more personal.

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  • To lowball also means to deliberately give a false estimate for something.
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