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Similarly, the File card makes it possible to add PDFs, word documents and spreadsheets to notes.

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And the best part is that all of the apps and software I recommend here are free.

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  • Check the Google Play Store for updates first.
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There for android tablet with documents you! You may not have to go far and install new apps just to get your writing fix.

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Along with the computer to the only for professional pdf converter, you edit documents for best android tablet is saved in the app. Across the bottom of the screen, there are different tools: a highlighter, pen, pencil and eraser.

This app will help you edit and work with files of this format.

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So am I permenently stuck being unable to edit my documents?

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This thread is closed to new comments. Apple Notes lets you add attachments such as maps and documents to both new and existing notes directly using the Share option in other apps like Safari.

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