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This method can be quickly transitioned to from direct belaying, however it should only be used for short distances due to how slowly it feeds the rope.

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This allows you to bend the rope through the toothed groove at a sharper angle, creating more friction and ultimately saving hand strength for climbing instead of belaying.

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Risk tolerance is not universal. Now, instead of clipping the black carabiner on the anchor, you simply clip it onto your belay loop.

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Screamer is a brand name of Yates Mountaineering. They offer less options and less security than an ATC, and none of the advanced options a Plaquette has.

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Counterweight rappel to the seconder, then continue to counterweight rappel or tandem rappel from anchor to anchor to the ground.

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Therefore, dont use it like this unless you have to. Belayer requires significantly less hand braking force to arrest a fall Lowering a heavier climber.

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You can simply remove the item from your cart. If a second rope is available, tie it to the end of the lead rope and perform an extended lower.

Why are you hanging in space? An ATC allows for smoother control than the previous belay options, which led to better air traffic!

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In addition to providing water resistance, these treatments make the rope slide slightly easier through belay devices and can help prevent tiny dirt particles from lodging into the rope.

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Great fit, fingers not too long like most gloves. Whether you finished your climb or hiked and rappelled down you will find tips, tutorials, and additional resources to help you.

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To protect a boulderer in the case of falling; the aim of spotting is to guide a falling climber toward a safe landing on the crash pad.

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XP also provide a stronger brake when rappelling. Great for ascending a short distance, such as if you abseil past an anchor.

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