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Any physician or other person who fails to maintain the confidentiality of any records or reports required under this act is guilty of a misdemeanor and, upon conviction, shall be punished as provided by law.

It is an indictable offence to have sexual intercourse with another person, knowing that the person is a parent, child, brother, sister, grandparent or grandchild by blood relationship.

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Phuong, a high school junior, complains to the school nurse that she has a sore throat and cannot eat.

It is rape to have sexual intercourse with a complainant who is unconscious or where the person knows that the complainant is unaware that the sexual intercourse is occurring.

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Note also that laws protecting the confidentiality of personal information can be, and have been, altered to allow uses other than the one for which such information was originally collected. The age of compulsion for a fundamental right to consent of is age unconstitutional?

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According to common New York practice, an emancipated minor can make all of his or her own health care decisions, and does not need parental consent.

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The Kansas rape statute does not require the State to prove that a rape victim told the offender she did not consent, physically resisted the offender, and then endured sexual intercourse against her will.

As such, the statute makes it a crime for men toengage in a specified activity, while it does not permit the prosecutionof females for the same offense.

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Thus, for the purpose of determining whether a fundamental right is involved, Texas does indeed impose harsh punishments for child sex offenses.

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The lender wants to identify property that has a value at least equal to the amount of the loan. My second guess is no less radical, but I must advance it unfortunately without the imprimatur of my illustrious predecessors.

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