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These default calibration intervals should not be relied on indefinitely; they are thestarting points for a method to determine the maximum calibration period for a particularthe system should be calibrated, and the data obtained should be charted. To ask our Fluke experts a question please include your contact details.

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More frequent system calibrationcycles may be indicated when thermocouples near the upper range of their temperaturecapabilities are used or following prolonged excursions above the recommended maximumtemperature or other events causing suspect temperature readings.

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Each connector has a specific gauge part number for measurement of both the male and the female connector. After unpacking, carefully inspect the various random accessories and parts in the package to avoid omissions. Scale next to the left of the depth gauge for Saw Table gauge! We take gages seriously.

The results should be recorded and the samecalibration interval should be maintained for another calibration period.

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Therefore, when storing a combinationelectrode overnight or for a weekend, the electrode should be stored in air with the protective capover the end of the electrode and the filling hole covered.

Most mechanical dial pressure gauges use either a bourdon tube, bellows, or diaphragm tomeasure pressure. Mm bargraph 33 segments drag indicator function sample rate 50 ms 20. Universal Flow Monitors, Inc.

The table can then beused to track changes in system performance and correct readings to actual temperatures. The electrode assemblies are able to guarantee our fluke industrial, accuracy of reference gauge in contact.

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When measuring using a Dial Indicator in place of the Scribe, specified values for instrument error may not be achieved.

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