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The Traditional Chinese Cultural Academy
The Traditional Chinese Cultural Academy (TCCA) was organized in honor of the notable accomplishments and memory of the reknown Professor Huo Chi-Kwang.  Professor Huo was one of the great Chinese,  calligraphers, scholars, and traditional martial artists of the last century.
The purpose of the TCCA is to promote scholarly research that pertains to Yang Old Style tai chi chuan and to verify and certify the credentials of teachers whose lineage and training originates from Yang Lu-Chan (the founder of Yang family style tai chi chuan), and the earliest generations of Yang family practitioners and teachers of tai chi chuan, specifically those teachers and practitioners whose line of instruction reaches  back to the illustrious Yang Shao Hou.
To achieve this great purpose the TCCA commits itself to the highest possible levels of historical research.
The TCCA is an independent non profit voluntary certifying agency.   No fees are charged for certification.  In some cases applicants may retain a TCCA advisor to conduct academic or scholary research.  Such relationships are independently arranged and are not conducted by the TCCA.  The TCCA operates independently of any political or financial interests and is entirely supported by private grant funding.
The TCCA grants certification through its certifying agency affiliate, the International Governing Board for Traditional Yang Tai Chi Chi Chuan.

Photograph courtesy of Russ Berkman
News Update
The Traditional Chinese Cultural Academy is looking for distinguished members of the Chinese community, scholars, authors, researchers, and teachers to join our Advisory Board of Directors.
The Traditional Chinese Cultural Academy
invites you to join our Advisory Board of Directors or to nominate a distinguished member of the martial arts community to this position.

Please contact the TCCA to receive an Advisory Board application form packet via email or postal mail or download the pdf document provided on the certification page of this website.
The materials and information posted on this website are copyrighted by TCCA, unless cited otherwise.


We cordially invite your inquiries and your participation in our mission to uplift and secure the future of Yang Old Style Tai Chi Chuan.




Every attempt has been made to obtain permission for use of photographs, drawings, art, calligraphy and written materials that are not the property of TCCA.  If an omission has occurred please contact TCCA and a correction will be made.