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Why Certification?

Most of us within the traditional martial arts community are probably aware of the myriad of problems associated with rank credentialing and lineage succession in the Asian Martial arts. Some systems of Asian martial arts have strict standardized sash or belt ranking systems, but many martial arts systems, especially the internal martial arts have none at all. To complicate the matter even further some teachers of internal or traditional martial arts only appointed one student as the sole inheritor of their art and knowledge, still others died without appointing anyone as their official successor.

This situation has led to many fights, squabbles, and conflicting claims regarding experience and credential legitimacy within the martial arts community at large. This damages the credibility of the Asian martial arts and the personal reputations associated with these remarkable fighting systems. Disunity, disparagement and contention only hurt everyone involved.


Personal ego and a need for recognition, power and control over others, and greed is just too much temptation for some individuals who relinquish their personal honor and integrity and make false claims or denigrate the status of others in order to elevate themselves.

The Traditional Chinese Cultural Academy (TCCA) is an independent non profit organization that attempts to apply the standards of academic and historical research to this problem and while the TCCA does not grant individual rank to martial artists the Academy does attempt to validate and certify the process by which a martial artist has achieved their rank and experience. This is accomplished by the TCCA certification process by which academic researchers and historians investigate the claims made by traditional Asian martial artists relative to their experience and lineage and related to the tai chi chuan systems and methods founded by Yang Lu Chan.

The TCCA Advisory Board recognizes that substantiating lineage and teacher/student relationship claims over the last 150 years can be a daunting and difficult process. In many cases, however, there exists well documented historical references and common acceptance of this information. There was, however until the formation of the TCCA, no independent body to serve as a credible certifying body.

There are hundreds of martial art associations, organizations, clubs, groups, and foundations but most of them have singular political alliances to one teacher or system of martial art. The TCCA, while focusing on Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan, is not influenced by any single organization, style or method of Yang tai chi, or teacher.

The TCCA certification process only exists to recognize and honor the contributions made by the gifted family of early tai chi teachers, and hopefully to contribute to truth and unity.