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Certified Organizations
The following organizations have received full certification through the TCCA based upon meeting TCCA certification criteria and upon review and acceptance by the International Governing Board for Traditional Yang Tai Chi Chuan.
Full Certification

Professor Huo Chi-Kwang Foundation, California, US 
Founded by Professor Huo Chi-Kwang

Guang Ping Yang Tai Chi Association, US  
Founded by Kuo Lien Ling and passed through Chiang Yun-Chung and Henry Look
Chen Pan-Ling Foundation, Taichung, Taiwan

Founded by Chen Yun Ching



Provisional Certification


(To be posted at a latter date) 


If you would like your organization, association or foundation to be considered for the TCCA application process and possible certification through the International Governing Board for Traditional Yang Tai Chi Chuan please contact the TCCA to initiate the application process.