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Chen Pan Ling 
Photograph obtained from the Chen Pan-Ling Foundation
"Until his death at 77 in 1967, Chen Pan Ling was without doubt more knowledgeable on the principles, rationale, and practice of Chinese Boxing than anyone else in the world."
Words of Robert W.Smith, author and historian from his text Chinese Boxing Grandmasters and Methods
Born in Hsi Ping Hsien,Henan Province China in 1892 to a strong martial arts family. His father was responsible for teaching Chen Pan Ling Shaolin Boxing from the age of seven. As Chen Pan Ling grew his well connected and wealthy father sought out the cream of Chinese Boxing Masters for his sons to study under.

His lineage is like the whos who of the greatest masters of China at the time, In Tai Chi Chuan his teachers were Wu Chien-chuan,Yang Shou,Hsu Yu-sheng and Chi Tzu-hsiu, all from the Yang Lu-chan lineage, in addition Chen Pan Ling visited Chenjiagou (Chen Village)on several occasions to conduct further training and research.

In Hsing I he studied directly under Liu Tsai-chen and Li Tsun-I from the Lui Chi-Lan lineage.

In Ba Gua he studied directly under Chen Hai-ting, Hsu Yu-sheng and Tung Lien-chi all from the Tung Hai-chuan lineage.

After moving from the mainland to Taiwan he quickly became the leading authority on Chinese martial arts writing a myriad of texts in the Chinese language including Chen Pan Ling’s Original Tai Chi Chuan Textbook; now fortunately to Y.W. Chang and Ann Carruthers – this text is available in English.

At the time of his passing in 1967 he was the head of the Chinese Martial Association in Taiwan in addition to being a National Assembly member of the Chinese Nationalist Government and prominent hydraulic engineer.

Chen Pan Ling was regarded as a bit of a rebel of his day and opposed secrecy and exclusiveness of training in anyway. A great visionary, he sought to standardize Chinese Boxing methods, forms and theories and saw this as the best way for the Arts to survive for future generations with no ego or personality emphasis involved. Perhaps the best example of this philosophy is the 99 Pattern Authentic Tai Chi of China developed by a committee of the greatest masters in China with Chen Pan Ling Ling as Chairman.

A highly motivated and hard working person he taught thousands of students, never accepted training fees and left behind a legacy that will remain for many generations.


Source:  Chen Pan Ling Foundation, Cheng Yun Ching, Taichung City, Taiwan

Secondary Source:  Chen Pan Ling's Original Tai Chuan Textbook, translated by Y.W. Chang and Ann Carruthers. Ed.D