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Meeting the TCCA Certification Criteria
Professor Huo Chi-Kwang set high standards and the TCCA is determined to personify the same level of excellence through its certification criteria for determining the historical validation of the lineage claims of applicants for TCCA certification
TCCA certification may be obtained by the following methods:
Full Certification
1.  Review of commonly known published documents pertaining to lineage.
2.  Review of submitted applications accompanied by photographs, historical records, letters, articles, books, and other written materials.
Provisional Certification
3.  Notarized oral testimony accompanied by acceptable documentation.
Organizations that meet the TCCA criteria for certification under standards one and two listed above will be granted full TCCA certification.  Once certification is granted said certification may be revoked if it is later found that the information provided to the TCCA was erroneous or falsified.  If falsified information is provided to the TCCA this will result in immediate revocation of TCCA certification.
Organizations that are granted provisional certification under certification criteria number three listed above will be granted said certificiation until such time as they meet the full certification requirements or their claim is found to be without merit.
Under any circumstances, the submission of falsifed information with a certification application will result in immediate revocation of that organizations certification.
Download the TCCA Certification Application Here: