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Certified Students of Professor Huo Chi-Kwang
The following list contains the names of verified and certified students of Professor Huo Chi-Kwang in alphabetical sequence.  If you are a former student of Professor Huo and would like to be considered for certification please contact us.

Master Tuey Staples
Master M. C. Felkoff
Master John Kotsias
Rev. Kongo Langlois Roshi
Master Alan J. Olthoff, D.O.
Master Richard A. Peck
Master Nganga Mfundishi Tolo-Naa (Raymond Cooper)
Master William Palmeri
Master Russel Burkman
Sifu Alan Ludmer
Sifu Ken Lubowich
Sifu Gregory T. Lawton, D.C.
Scent of a Forgotten Flower
A Students Lessons in Tai Chi Chuan

Yang Tai Chi Chuan Practitioners:
     Aaron Crane