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Acknowledging the Contributions of Lineage Descendants of Yang Lu Chan Old Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan

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About The Traditional Chinese Cultural Academy

The Traditional Chinese Cultural Academy is an independent organization governed by it's advisory board of distinguised scholars, academics, teachers and martial artists.
The Mission of the TCCA
The mission of the TCCA is to promote scholarly research that pertains to Yang Old Style tai chi chuan and to verify and certify the credentials of teachers whose lineage and training originates from Yang Lu Chan (the founder of Yang family style tai chi chuan), and the earliest generations of Yang family practitioners and teachers of tai chi chuan, specifically those teachers and practitioners whose line of instruction reaches  back to the illustrious Yang Shao Hou.
The TCCA Validation Process
The TCCA accepts valid applications from organizations wishing to receive TCCA verification and certification of lineage descendcy through Old Yang Family Tai Chuan and originating with Yang Shao Huo.
The TCCA does not grant rank.  The TCCA uses academic methods of historical research to establish the validity of claims related to credentials of the lineage descendents of Yang Lu Chan and the earliest contributors to Old Style Tai Chi Chuan such as Yang Shao Huo